Every single organism no matter how big or small, has elements and compounds in its body or structure. Without those elements or compounds, they would cease to exist.

Our body is made out of six elements: Phosphorus, Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Calcium. These elements make up your body. Carbon is the basic building block and element to almost all the cells in our body. Phosphorus is essential and found in every single cell in our body, especially the teeth and bones. Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen also make up a great portion of our body.

When Oxygen and Hydrogen are combined, they create water. Water is a compound. Compounds are formed when elements are combined. About 60% of our body is water.

source: Borrowed Dust

Our bodies need to consume elements and compounds too! Although we already have oxygen in our bodies, we need to consume oxygen in the air for us to breath. We also need to consume water, which is a compound. We also need to consume carbon, potassium, and many other elements and compounds in order for our body to survive. They are all useful in our society and for our survival. Without these elements, we would not exist.