This isn’t my first blog, or my second one, but I always include THE BEST for my blog.

You won’t see anything boring, I promise, but I may not have enough time to make these posts. But allow me to introduce myself. I am David Alfonso M. Castro, and I by the time I publish this post, I will be 12 years and a couple of months old. (Published 5/30/2019) By the time you will see this post, I might be older. I like writing books and I self-publish them. (Aris and the Conquistadors of ECA, Aris and the Attack on the Crystal of Existence, Revenge of Herobrine, etc.) I also like programming and I make websites and games. I play the piano and I also love Photoshop and drawing. Anyways, that’s all for now. Please enjoy and welcome to BingeRead.